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This bundle includes:

The exam is open book 150 questions 5 hours and 40 minutes
2017 Coder Salary Survey

Onsite 5 day boot camp available

$1500 Bundle 12 week one on one
$1000 3 month course one on one 

Course is taught via online webinar 

12 weeks $1000 or $1500 bundle
10% discount for groups of 5 or more students and veterans 
Onsite 5 day boot camp available- call for more information
Taught via live online webinar by a Certified PMCC Instructor.

Medical Coding Exam Prep

AAPC medical coding training courses teach the fundamentals of medical coding, prepares the student for certification and helps them establish a career in the medical coding industry.

  • Get your medical coding training, exam preparation, exams and continuing education all from a source you trust – the largest medical coding organization in the world
  • Reap the benefits of small class sizes, one-on-one coaching from certified professionals and the AAPC’s curriculum developed by top-level coders specifically for students seeking superior proficiency in medical coding
  • Save on AAPC membership ($125 $110) and AAPC CPC® exams ($380)$300
  • Increase your chances of being hired/retained in a competitive job market

Joseph M.
2017 student
Demetria Richardson is a veteran instructor in the field of Medical Billing & Coding. She is an excellent teacher and works hard to ensure that her students achieve success. I’ve learned a wealth of new information studying under her tutelage. I’m very pleased with what I’ve learned, and I now have the fundamentals necessary to be an effective coder. Demetria is always willing to spend extra time with her students. She’s patient, and attentive to the needs of each and every student in her class. She gives clear, concise and easy to understand lessons – and shares her immense knowledge with students who start at the beginners level. Demetria’s lessons are enthusiastic, energetic and all-encompassing. Thanks to her instructions, I was able to successfully pass the CPC exam. I am grateful for the experience, and would highly recommend her class to any prospective coder.

Linda G.
Senior Compliance Specialist/Trainer at Johns Hopkins University

I worked with Demetria for 3 months prior to taking my medical coding exam. She has a very detailed knowledge and was able to explain complicated medical coding. The results of her effort enabled me to pass the national exam on my first try. I would recommend Demetria to anyone that is working toward a certification in medical coding.

Deborah H.
Endoscopy Technician at Sun City Endoscopy

Demetria Richardson is a detailed oriented instructor who not only teaches with heart, direction and enthusiasm. She makes you want to learn to the next level. She makes you think out of the box while at the same time not make you feel like you can't learn. Demetria makes you use your brain to the fullest of its capacity and challenges you when you think you want to give up. She travels that extra mile to help her students understand and comprehend.

Christine T.
HIM Coordinator

Demetria is an excellent instructor. She is detail-oriented, has a complete grasp of the subject at hand and expresses the concepts of medical coding extremely well. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and hope to study with her again in the future.

Gina M.

Demetria was a very informative instructor. Even though the class was a webinar via the internet, her instruction felt as though we were face to face in a class room. She answered all Questions throughly. Her instruction was fool proof and no one could go wrong. I hope to oneday have her for more instruction if required to excel in the medical field. I recommend her to all in the medical field

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