Virtual Classroom

Classes start every 2 weeks

One on one private instructor always available evenings M-F

Course 1:1 is taught via online webinar
Schedule to meet with me weekly for up to 2 hours to review quizzes and exams based on course chapters. During the week you will work on chapter readings and complete chapter exams but can work ahead if you want and set up a session if you need additional help. 

This course is taught by a licensed certified AAPC Instructor who works as a real world coder daily. I'm a veteran so I am very detailed in my teaching style and will work hard to make sure you are a success in this career choice. I am your Instructor for Life meaning I will provide unlimited practice test, reviews until you pass and assist with job search and resumes at no additional charge.
I do this for my passion of teaching and coding and I want to make sure you are passionate about learning. 

Demetria Richardson is a veteran instructor in the field of Medical Billing & Coding. She is an excellent teacher and works hard to ensure that her students achieve success. I’ve learned a wealth of new information studying under her tutelage. I’m very pleased with what I’ve learned, and I now have the fundamentals necessary to be an effective coder. Demetria is always willing to spend extra time with her students. She’s patient, and attentive to the needs of each and every student in her class. She gives clear, concise and easy to understand lessons – and shares her immense knowledge with students who start at the beginners level. Demetria’s lessons are enthusiastic, energetic and all-encompassing. Thanks to her instructions, I was able to successfully pass the CPC exam. I am grateful for the experience, and would highly recommend her class to any prospective coder.
Joseph M

We reviewed some homework regarding different scenarios from the CPT book and she helped me find ways to pick out words as key points to find the proper codes. Great tutor!!
Chelsea B

Very friendly and easy to talk to. Helping me navigate through the ICD-10 book much faster and how to find information in the right place
Kim S.

Demetria helped me understand ICD-10 coding (Procedural & diagnostic). She showed me the most efficient way to navigate through the book! She also showed me how to identify if a modifier is required. She is very patient and really knows what she is talking about.
Lynn M

You are godsend! I know that I say thank you all the time; but I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You give me hope and inspire me to continue to push forward. You're always available to answer any question that I may have which provides me with the clarity that I need. Now because of you, I was just approved for an additional hour for my exam!!!! Thank you,Thank you, Thank you! Demetria!! If you weren't in Arizona, I would be hugging and jumping all over you! lol 
Shayla C.

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